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Political Risk, Credit and Bond

08.Political Risk, Credit and Bond

Performance Bonds

Posted as security for the ongoing fulfilment of contractual obligations of a contractor to project completion as specified in the contract.

Bid Bonds

Offers a form of protection for project owners or developers, guaranteeing that contractors are able to deliver to the terms agreed during the bidding process and providing financial compensation in the event they do not following the award of a contract. 

Warehouse Bonds

Required by private importers wishing to defer the payment of duty while their goods are in storage or undergoing some form of manipulation. Ideal as an instrument to manage cash-flow and maximise revenues.

Transit Bonds

A compulsory bond, and financial tool to manage cash-flow for companies importing goods into Ghana which are destined for a neighbouring country. In lieu of import duties, financial institutions put up a guarantee that in the event goods do not reach the intended destination, the State does not lose revenue of the duties that become due.


Political Risk

Speak to us about protecting your physical assets, loans and dividends from a range of political based events, including:

  • Confiscation and expropriation of physical assets or development rights.
  • Nationalization of assets for state use.
  • Deprivation or prevention of use of assets by the state.
  • Currency inconvertibility.

Trade Credit

Protect your business when your customers fail to pay debts that are due to you. We can help you to arrange policies specific to insolvency or protracted default, or a comprehensive payment default cover for your customers or borrowers.


Secure your business from the failure of a supplier to deliver goods that are contractually due and have been pre-financed. Comprehensive cover includes political, credit and performance risks.

Contract Frustration

Insure against financial loss following the inability of a counterparty to honour a contract with you due to political or economic instability.

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